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We Raised our Series A to Continue Building the Future of Gifting

November 1, 2022    •    Givingli Team

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What's Next

We’re beyond excited to announce our Series A along with the launch of our desktop platform. We‘re pleased to share that Seven Seven Six is leading our $10M Series A, doubling down on their investment in the future of human connection.

Givingli is a digital gifting platform that allows users to customize digital greetings and send gifts to anyone. As one of the fastest growing gifting platforms, Givingli is disrupting the $3T global gift-giving market by bringing together independent artists, top brands, and new technology to build the next generation of gifting.

"We decided to lead Givingli’s Series A because of their people, product, passion, and 8x growth rate led by customer virality,” said Cristina Georgoulakis, Founder Outcomes Partner at Seven Seven Six. “It is rare to find a team that can ship product at a high level while keeping the people they serve at the center of all they do.”

- Cristina Apple Georgoulakis

Social Gifting

We're not just building a gifting platform, we're building a new category of human connection called “Social Gifting”

Gifting has always been part of the fabric of community based interaction. It’s even one of the five love languages we love to support, along with words of affirmation (manifesting in the form of greeting cards). So it’s no wonder that the world of digital gifting is growing quickly.

Fast forward to today: Gen Z is the most connected generation ever, yet also the loneliest. And it’s due to fewer and fewer meaningful interactions. While technology makes our lives easier, more convenient, and more ‘connected,’ it also removes much of what makes us human.

When it comes to gifting, it turns out that less is not always more. We believe that the future of gifting can be convenient and completely digital, but also fun, creative, design-forward, and above all, social. Gifting doesn’t have to feel transactional or obligatory. That’s why we’re the first platform to bring full chat and messaging features, reminders for all your friends’ birthdays, complete freedom of customization so you can make your gift as special as they are, and so much more to the world of digital gifting.

Today we’re launching our waitlist for early access to our desktop platform. Unwrap a more powerful gifting experience that’s like nothing else.

More Real Connection

We’re creating a space for genuine expression which is missing in most online communication tools, but something that we, as humans, desperately need. Cultivating a space for authentic connection is of the upmost importance to Nicole Emrani Green (Givingli co-founder and CEO), whose background holds over 10 years spent studying and working in the field of relational psychology. It takes more than low-touch, high-frequency platforms, which has become the basis for online connection today.

We’re truly seeing something magical happen with the human-first communication on our platform. That’s why we’re using this round to expand onto more platforms and connect more people. With our expansion onto desktop, we’re ready to bring the great gifting experience that started on iOS to people wherever they are, whether it’s at work, home, or on the go.

“We’re doubling down on Givingli because they've continued to not just organically grow, but thrive—even during these uncertain times—by productizing kindness & connection,” said Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Seven Seven Six. “This is as much a social network as it is a gifting platform and it's been valuable for all sides: artists who design the gifts, brands who are partners, and ultimately the gift givers & receivers who keep coming back and spreading the word.”

- Alexis Ohanian

Marketplace Value

We changed the game by bringing together independent artists around the world and brands like Starbucks, Nike, Target and many more to create a unique gifting experience that truly connects with people’s emotions in the moment.

Today, we’ve partnered with dozens of independent artists who’ve created 1,500 shareable designs, and over 300 brand partners. We’ll use this round to strengthen our connection to our partners, while building new partnerships and integrations that bring value to our users.

We’re thrilled to partner with Seven Seven Six again to unlock the immense value of genuine connection through gifting.

We're hiring! If you'd like to join our team check out our open roles. 

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