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Givingli Intentions for 2020

Intentions say what we want to achieve and where we want to go. Having a list of intentions can help keep us on track to be a better + happier person!

Here are 3 intentions we are focusing on this year:

1. Gratitude Journal

Start or end every day by writing 3 things you are grateful for.

A gratitude journal is proven to improve your well-being and increase positivity.

By choosing to focus more on the positive we trick our minds to think more optimistic. This is a simple habit can alter the way we think and train our brains to give less power to negative thinking. If we practice this habit in the mornings, we start the day on a positive note and carry this energy throughout our day. If we practice this habit in the evenings, we go to sleep with a clear head and a positive spirit. (AKA get a better night’s sleep!)

If you are thankful for a person in your life and find yourself adding them to your gratitude journal— don't be afraid to show them your appreciation. We don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to tell our loved ones why we're thankful for them!


2. Random acts of kindness:

One small act of kindness can go a long way. A random act of kindness has many positive effects on the brain— improves mood, generates happiness and increases energy.

By doing a random act of kindness, we can start a domino effect and improve the day of many people.  

If you are feeling extra generous, you can send them a gift card to pay for their next Uber! 


3. Choose Healthy + Sustainable:

Drink more water- invest in a reusable water bottle and use it daily! Drinking more water can help with weight loss, energy levels and brain function! (It can also prevent dehydration which is the main cause of hangovers and headaches!)

Spend more time in nature- walk to the coffee shop instead of driving, take your lunch break at the local park, check out your nearest community garden and see how you can get involved. Challenge yourself to pick up three pieces of garbage when walking in the neighborhood.

Reduce your plastic use- ditch the plastic bags by bringing reusable bags. Choose brands that use packing made by recycled goods.

Using a sustainable gifting option! Stop wasting paper and plastic by using a digital gifting option. These days, there are a variety digital platforms- with Givingli as just one of many!

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