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Share Something Personal

Valentine's + Galentine's Day is here and we are making it easy for you to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you!

Skip the candy and the calories this year & try sending a sentimental message from the heart

This year you don't have to worry about making a trip to Target and digging through the picked-over selection of greeting cards. Send a card designed by one of our amazing independent artists straight from your phone.

Here's a small sneak peek of some of our Valentine's cards.

We believe Valentine's day isn't just for the couples.

Your gals deserve the same LOVE!

We have a huge selection of amazing Galentine's cards.


Customize your Givingli card with the CUTEST stickers!

Stickers are the perfect added-touch to make your card stand out.

Here's a few examples of the stickers we have available on the app.

(You're gonna want to load up the star credits to get access to these!!)

Sending a gift as well?

Struggling with what to buy?

We're here to help!

Now it's your turn to SPREAD THE LOVE!

Download the app now if you haven't already.

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