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We make gifting and celebrating better for everyone.

How we started

Let’s Party original artwork designed by Ashley LeQuere

Nicole and Ben started Givingli with a simple yet bold idea: to redefine digital gifting. They envisioned a platform where modern design meets heartfelt connections, making the act of sending gifts and greetings from phones both meaningful and enjoyable.

Today, Givingli proudly serves millions of people who choose to celebrate their special moments with us. It's more than just an app; it's a way for us to connect in life’s most meaningful moments. Showcasing works from dozens of independent artists, Givingli offers not just convenience but a personal touch in every gift and greeting.

We hope you enjoy!

We create products that focus on


We partner with independent artists to keep our greetings design-forward. We have thousands of beautiful, fun, and creative cards to choose from. Our product is clean and easy to use.


Our products put an emphasis on helping real people connect with the ones they love.


Our greetings are 100% digital, meaning we don’t contribute to the 2.5M trees cut down each year for cards. 75M lbs of plastic goes to waste every year for gift cards. Our gift store is made up of 90% e-gifts so you can send a gift now without compromising the future.

Givingli in numbers

Millions of Givinglis Sent
150+Independent Artists Globally
250+Brand Partners

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Super Cute & Easy to Use!

This makes telling someone happy birthday SO much more fun and special!!!

All star in the digital card game!

In a day and age where connivence is key and tangible gifts and recipients are not always a click away ... GIVINGLI has change the game for me!

App of the day - Send some love (and gifts too).

A Better Way to Send Cards

Husband-Wife Team Seek to Change Gifting

Thanks to Givingli, the magic of opening up a card doesn’t disappear when you go digital.


Thanks for giving a born encourager and influencer such a phenomenal platform to use .... simple, amazing fonts and features, and a blessing to your users and receivers.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder Reddit, 776

This is as much a social network as it is a gifting platform and it’s been valuable for all sides: artists who design the gifts, brands who are partners, and ultimately the gift givers and receivers who keep coming back and spreading the word.